Training Launch Phase 2 of the O.F- COMPETENCE System Saint-Martin

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Training Launch of phase 2 of the O.F COMPETENCES system

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Today, Monday, July 25, 2022, the launch of the second phase of the OF COMPETENCES system takes place at the CCISM of Saint-Martin, in the presence of Mrs. Naïke PANGA of the D.E.ET.S (Directions of the Economy, the ‘Emploi, du Travail et des Solidarités), Mrs Fabiola RIOUAL, Project Manager for the overseas skills investment pact in Saint-Martin, as well as Mrs Nathalie SAUMON, territorial coordinator for the inter-branch skills operator AKTO.

Several elected officials from the Collectivity of Saint-Martin are also on site, as well as representatives of the training centers concerned by this system.
This system, financed to the tune of €200,000, as part of the overseas pact for investment in skills by the State, was launched in December 2021.
The project manager is OPCO…

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